Wednesday, March 31, 2010

What I've made lately...

Apologies for the lack of posts and recipe! But here's a few dishes I made over the past week.

Lahd Nah (Thai rice noodle dish) - My husband's favorite

Korean style (with Pineapple puree) bbq pork ribs

Fried egg dipped korean sausage (I eat this with a bowl of steaming hot rice and miso soup)
Fresh fruit yogurt parfait for either midnight snack or breakfast


  1. oh my goodness everything looks so delicious!! i've never heard of the first dish but I love all the greens in it!!

  2. I am fascinated by the fried egg dipped sausage!! I've never heard of such a thing... where can I find a recipe?!

  3. Hello, all of the food pictures look like they taste really good! Could you post the recipe for the noodle dish and the pork ribs?

  4. wow you are really making me feel lame about the pb&j i just made and ate....haha. these recipes look sooo delicious!

  5. oh my goodness~those ribs look amazing! where is the recipe from?

  6. you should post recipes! this all looks amazing!