Friday, October 15, 2010

Homemade Thai feast!

Over this past summer, I got to befriend this super sweet and adorable korean girl who's fiancé also happens to be thai (I'm also Korean American and married to Thai American hubs). We got to bond over discussions of thai and korean recipes, our thai boys, and her upcoming wedding! We even agreed to teach each other how to cook thai and korean dishes. She would teach me more korean dishes and I would teach her more Thai dishes. Last night, omg...we got together and cooked the most delicious thai meal we've had in a very long time.

Inae made sticky rice, moo-ping (marinated pork skewers), and som-tam (papaya salad). I made Khao Mon Gai (steamed chicken with seasoned rice and sauce) and korean marinated galbi. Let's just say that we ate like kings and queens and our Thai significant others were VERY happy =)


  1. Hi
    You make me miss my country now. Moo ping is my favorite dish.!

  2. Umm, can I come over for dinner??!!! That looks so delicious!!! :)