Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Spicy Fried Chicken

Mmmmmm! My husband said this was the BEST fried chicken he's tasted in a long while! I will take his word for it since he and his family are from the deep south =). I made some garlic braised kale and roasted sweet potatoes to accompany this platter of greasy and super delicious buttermilk fried chicken.

(Recipe courtesy of The Neelys)


  1. Looks delicious! If I wasn't so lazy about the oil clean-up, I would probably love frying chicken up at home ;)

  2. So excited about your new blog I couldn't help adding you to our link luv roundup this week as well as in our sidebar links. Come by for a peek!

  3. my fiance and i have been trying to cook with chicken in different ways, and one of them is our many failed attempts at making chicken crispy, so i'm excited to try this recipe out. thanks for sharing, sarah!