Sunday, January 24, 2010

menu no.2

Tonight's menu was something quick and simple due to the vikings vs. saints game (still watching the overtime game - go vikings! - scratch that...saints just won...ugh, I feel like crying now). Anyway, I made this delicious thai porridge that my husband's aunt taught me a while back. It's cooked with seasoned, garlic pork (cooked separately), egg, and cilantro, then the whole batch is seasoned with a bit of soy sauce and fish sauce. For dessert, we love eating this pan cooked roti bread drizzled with sweet condensed milk, sprinkled with cinnamon. Just roll it up and chomp away! Delicious!


  1. the porridge looks delicious! reminds me of something my mom used to whip up w/ leftovers and rice when i was little. mmm mmm good!

    love the look of the menu too. :)

  2. Please share the recipies! As someone who is cooking challenged (gross understatement I cannot even boil water) I would love to try these out. Maybe I should try out for that new show "Worst Cook in America."

  3. Sarah! You should be cheering for the Saints! You're from Chicago! You're supposed to hate Favre! What is Iowa doing to you!!! =)